Four Reasons to Consider a Mid-week Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting journey filled with decisions that will shape your big day. While the traditional weekend wedding is a popular choice, have you considered the benefits of mid-week wedding? Breaking away from the norm and opting for a mid-week celebration can offer all sorts of advantages that may surprise you. Let’s get into them!

More Availability

Planning a wedding on a weekend can be pretty stressful due to high demand, often meaning you can’t book all of your top suppliers. If you’ve got a wish list dream team, opting for a weekday wedding may allow you to book more of those top choice suppliers to help you bring your wedding vision to life.

Extend the Celebration

Opting for a weekday wedding can allow you to extend the celebrations beyond just one day. A Thursday wedding could lead into a Friday, Saturday and Sunday celebration with your closest friends and family. A Monday wedding could mean you have all weekend for dinners with family and self-care days with your wedding party.

A More Intimate Setting

A mid-week wedding is likely to attract a slightly smaller guest count compared to a weekend wedding. This allows for a more intimate and meaningful gathering of your nearest and dearest, with the opportunity to connect with each guest on a deeper level. Your wedding can become a more personal affair, creating the most cherished memories.


One of the most appealing benefits of a mid-week wedding is the potential for significant cost savings. Venue hire for one comes at a considerably lower rate than weekend dates here at The River Mill! You may also find that certain suppliers charge a lower rate midweek. All that extra cash could be put towards your honeymoon or other life milestones!

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CREDITS: Richard Davies / Florence and Hope Flower Studio