How To Build Your Dream Wedding Suppliers List

So you’ve booked your perfect venue and now the planning begins: time to build your dream wedding suppliers list! Every wedding is a different combination of amazing local talents working together to make your day just perfect. Making final decisions on who you want to trust with your big day can be overwhelming – but follow these steps to make your planning a breeze!

Prioritise The List

First things first, you’ll want to decide which items are the most important on your list. Perhaps you want to carry out some DIY projects to help with the budget and add some personalisation, or maybe you want to leave it all to the professionals! Put your non negotiable suppliers at the top of the list and work your way down.

Divide Your Budget

Once you’ve decided which parts of the wedding you want to spend the most money on, divide up your budget for each item. Maybe you want to spend a lot more on flowers than a band, for example. This will help you to set realistic goals for who you can hire for each part of the day.

Get In Early

Once your date is booked, don’t hang around booking your suppliers, especially if your date is in peak wedding season. The top rated suppliers in our area can get booked up a couple of years in advance! Work from the top of the list down and get booking.

Do Your Research

We think that the best way to find top suppliers is by using Instagram and wedding blogs like Rock My Wedding. Look at who is tagged in wedding photos from your venue and take a look at their profile. If you love their work, read up on their website. You’ll find a goldmine of supplier lists for weddings in Instagram captions. This also helps you to see which suppliers have worked together before!

Use Our Recommended Suppliers List

Head over to our recommended suppliers list to see who we love and trust. We have worked with all of these suppliers several times in the past and can absolutely vouch for their professionalism. Whilst we don’t require you to use suppliers from our list, it’s certainly a great tool!

Team River Mill x